Workshop Kenmare Ireland


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Hornpipes chords.pdf
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Hornpipes- Session.MP3
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a-The boys of blue hill (D).mp3
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b-The stack of Barley (G).mp3
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c-Pretty Maggie Morrisey (G).mp3
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d-The Liverpool (D).mp3
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Jig chords.pdf
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Jigs- Session.MP3
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a- My darling asleep (D).mp3
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b- Out on the ocean (G).mp3
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c-The black rogue (D).mp3
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Jig-d- The kesh jig.MP3
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Polkas chords.pdf
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Polkas- Session.MP3
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Polkas- Session (the Ballydesmond No.2 +
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a-Pegi Ryans (Kerry Polka) (D).mp3
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b- Maggie in the woods (G).mp3
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c- Dennis Murphy's (D).mp3
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d- The Ballydesmonds 2+3 (am).mp3
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Reel Chords.pdf
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Reels- Session.MP3
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Reel-a-Ships are sailing (em).MP3
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Reel-b- The silver spear.MP3
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Reel-c- Father Kelly's.MP3
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Reel-d- The Banshee.MP3
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Slide chords.pdf
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Slide-a-b- Denis Murphy's(D)+O'Keefe's (
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Slide-c- The Brosna (G).mp3
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Slip Jigs

Slip Jigs.pdf
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Slip Jig chords.pdf
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Session ( The butterfly).MP3
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Session (A fig - Ceannabhain).MP3
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a- Butterfly (em).mp3
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b- A fig for a kiss (em).mp3
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Waltz chords.pdf
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Waltz- Session.MP3
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Waltz-Sonny Brogan Mazurka (D).mp3
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More tunes ...

Belfast Hornpipe.pdf
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Belfast Hornpipe.MP3
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Belfast Hornpipe (Irish BJ).pdf
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Planxty Irwin.pdf
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Planxty Irwin.mp3
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Planxty Irwin (Irish Bj).pdf
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Sailor-s hornpipe.pdf
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Sailor-s hornpipe.mp3
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Sailors hornpipe (Irish Bj).pdf
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Sligo road.pdf
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Sligo road.mp3
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Sligo road (Irish Bj).pdf
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St. Anne-s Reel.pdf
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St. Anne-s Reel.mp3
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St. Anne-s reel (Irish Bj).pdf
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The Kerry Dances.pdf
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The Kerry Dances.mp3
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The Kerry Dances (Irish Bj).pdf
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Denis Murphy's Polka..pdf
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Denis Murphy's Polka..mp3
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Denis Murphy's Polka.(Irish Bj).pdf
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Irish Washerwoman.pdf
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Irish washerwoman .mp3
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Irish Washerwoman (Irish Bj).pdf
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Sammlung Irish Banjo und Bouzouki

Irish Banjo Favoriten.pdf
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Irish Banjo chords (Kenmare).pdf
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Bouzouki chords (Kenmare).pdf
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